This is a new directory (launched July 2014).

The listings we hold are still in development and obtained from publicly accessibly sources. Much of this could possibly be outdated. We will be contacting as many listed practices as we can to let them know of their directory listing and invite them to claim it so that it can be updated and improved with extra features, information and images.

Further information on claiming a listing and its benefits is available on THIS PAGE HERE

Using this directory, some hints, tips and info.

Welcome to our directory website for mediation services.

Statement of Purpose and Fact
The purpose of the directory is as expected from the name; to enable a way to find mediation services in your local area.

Firstly we’d like to make it clear that the proprietors and management of this site do not endorse, recommend  or guarantee any mediation services held within. We hold  no affiliation or favour to any particular company nor have any business or financial ties to any either. We also need to expressly state that we are NOT legally trained ourselves.

So why have we put this directory together?
Through someone known to us in the legal/mediation profession we as a Web Services Company got involved in helping out a few legal companies with websites directly aimed at Mediation. From this contact and the experience of researching the field we learnt that Mediation is a growing industry in its own right. It is an emerging profession gaining significant pace and backed up in law as an alternative to resolving disputes that would otherwise be heard in a Court.

We also discovered that as it is so new in the grand scheme of all things legal it was also, dare we say it, somewhat disorganised in its administration and publication of making it known publicly. This could cause some difficulty and frustration for those wanting to use the service and finding a suitable mediator. Finding a mediator often meant that this information came through a Court or legal services company only, this left the consumer with little or no way of an independent choice.

That’s where this directory idea stemmed from.

Mediation professional bodies, qualifications and credentials
At the time of writing it is my understanding that there is currently NO rights or wrongs in mediation professional qualifications. Nor is there a legal requirement for mediators to have any specific qualification before practising. That said there are a number of official routes and recognitions a mediator can take through some professional mediation membership bodies in order to gain an accreditation and qualification.

We do not profess to be an expert in this field so we advise to do your own research. But broadly speaking this all comes through The Family Mediation Council (FMC) which is made up of:

These all come under the umbrella of The Ministry of Justice.

Although as mentioned above it should be noted that, unlike other law professions, mediation as a relatively new field still seems to be largely ungoverned (but not wanting to appear critical). I am sure that this will all be standardised and covered by some kind of legislative bill sometime in the future – but for now the qualification standards of the profession remain fragmented into various factions. Each maybe not seeing or recognising the others awarded certification to an individual.

Why would we mention this? There are probably many arguments and background reasons for this evolving professional quandary in the political landscape of mediations accreditation/qualification… BUT we are not seeking to be involved. SO… we do not make that distinction here. Our listings have a simple checkbox to nominate who is qualified, accredited or not applicable to. We cannot and do not check on this. We will develop this once the subject is more easier to follow and understand.

Reviewing a Mediation Service (Coming Soon)
One of the features offered by our directory service is the ability for users to rate a service and write a review. The author of the review must sign up on this site to do this and all reviews are moderated and checked as far as possible for authenticity.

Review writing do’s and don’ts
DO… Be honest, constructive, helpful and concise.
DON’T… Be abusive, tell half truths, use swear words or fail to explain your point.

Remember others may be guided by your review and mediators welcome constructive feedback to improve services they supply.