Claiming Listings

Claiming your Listing is Easy!

You will need to REGISTER on this site for a FREE membership and make sure you are LOGGED IN

Then you just need to follow these simple steps below.

1. Find your listing in the directory and click on it to open into its view listing page


2. In your listing details page find the Claim Listing option and click on that


3. Next you will see a confirmation step (in case someone’s got there in error!). Click Continue.

4. This option is to select the categories covered, we only have the single option currently so making sure ‘Family Mediation’ is checked go to Next Step


5. This then takes you to the payment options and checkout if applicable. At this time we are only doing FREE listings so the total will be ZERO and you won’t be taken to any checkout payment gateway. Just go to Continue to Listing.


After all the above steps you will be returned to the listing page. If it seems nothing has happened don’t panic, that is the way it is. We will receive an email advising us of your Listing Claim.

Obviously we can’t just hand out Listing Claims to anyone relating to a company. So the next step is vital and we cannot process your claim without it.

6. NEXT – You need to fill out our Listing Claim Verification Form Here The text on the page explains this process.

7. Go for coffee! Nothing more to do at this stage. Just wait for us to get in touch or release the claim.