How much does it cost to list in the directory for mediators?

Listing in Mediation Directory is FREE

Further information on claiming a listing and its benefits is available on THIS PAGE HERE

Q: Will be charged premium rates in the future if we take up the listing offer?

A: NO! We intend to keep the listings in the directory FREE.

Q: Are you funded by a grant?

A: No. We are not funded by any type of grant or Government initiative, we are a commercial business.

Q: So what is in it for you then?

A: Obviously at some point we will look at this venture to return some sort of revenue. To do this we will probably bring in an enhanced level premium service in the future for a small membership fee. But you can be assured that any premium pricing model we consider will be affordable, fair and reasonable. Plus there will always be a comprehensive free listing option. In addition we also will be running advert space on he site. 

(If you are curiously interested on why we have done this directory we have an explanation on our About Page).

As a mediation company we would value your input to make this a better service. Please do contact us with your thoughts on the project or any feedback.

We will be introducing a customer support section in due course.

Many thanks for looking.